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Choosing the right awnings for your Gold Coast backyard

An outdoor space can become enjoyable and livable throughout the year by using awnings. Awnings Gold Coast is the way to go when you want the decks and patios of your home to become dining, relaxing or entertaining areas in all kinds of weather.

Awnings have you covered whether you want to relax outdoors during rainy days or want to be protected from the UV rays during hot days.

Installing awnings provide a huge advantage to businesses such as restaurants and cafes. Customers always love the alfresco dining experience which is provided by awnings.

Other than allowing you to enjoy the view indoors and outdoors, your outdoor furniture and window frames also get extra protection from awnings.

But, what are the best awnings to go for?

Installing awnings in your home can bring dramatic results to the overall look. This makes it doubly important to choose the right one. Here are timely guidelines that can choose awnings perfect for what you need.


Overall size

The size of your outdoor space and the purpose are the determinants for choosing the right size of awnings. A bigger-sized awning will be the right choice for bigger outer spaces that needs more shade and better coverage. A decorative piece to make a small space look lovely needs a smaller-sized awning.


Colour scheme

The overall look of a business or home should be considered when choosing a colour. Going for a colour that complements the look of a business or home is the way to go. Choosing a colour that complements the interiors is also good.

Choose lighter colours if the purpose of the awning is to reflect and block heat and sunlight. Or opt for a colour and style that flows seamlessly from your indoors to your outdoors.


The varied styles of awnings are meant to match the overall decor and theme of a business or home. The most popular awning styles include:

  • Waterfall
  • Semi-circular entrance
  • Dome style
  • Gable walkway
  • Standard open or closed sides
  • Quarter barrel
  • Double bar standard


Talk to a blinds company about the best awning style suited for the style of your home or business.



Complementing the design of the home and maintenance are determined by the chosen material for the awning.

Aluminium and outdoor fabric are commonly used materials for awnings.

  • Aluminium awnings are stronger but limited in colours and designs
  • Outdoor fabrics are more high-maintenance compared to aluminium types. However, they are available in a variety of colours to suit every taste, preference, and home design.



Awnings come in different types, to include:

  • Retractable are adjustable awnings that are best used for decks and patios. However, they are not hardy enough to withstand snow, heavy rains, and strong winds. Bad weather means retracting the awnings if you want them to stay with you for a long time.
  • Freestanding awnings are popularly used for terraces, decks, and patios. They are best used for separating areas which can make it a great choice if you entertain a lot.

Scouting around the different blinds companies becomes easier when you know the type of awning you want for your home. Be sure to install the correct awning for your Gold Coast property.





5 Reasons Why Your Terrace Should be a Well Decorated Space

If you have a terrace and cannot decide what to do with it, you definitely need a great inspiration. There are so many interesting things you can do with a terrace in your house and make it look an amazing space in your house. Terrace renovation Sydney will help you transform your terrace into a beautiful space for you to relax and enjoy. Investing in redoing your terrace space is not only great fun but also worth every penny spent for aesthetic comfort and warm ambiance.

1. Great Space to Relax

Your terrace can become your very own patio where you can relax out in the open. Whenever there is great weather outside, you can simply head to your terrace instead of going up to the roof and making the effort of taking some kind of seating upstairs.

2. An Artistic Exterior

The terrace can be seen from the outside of the house. You will be able to enjoy looking at a great exterior of the house. Anyone who comes to your house will notice the first thing in your house will be this terrace. It will have a great look and look aesthetically pleasing no matter what. You will be able to see that the exterior of the house looks aesthetically great and attracts attention.

3. Great Way to Add Color

Your terrace can be a great place to add color and glam to your house. You will be able to enjoy the fact that there is color added to your car and has a great advantage. You can add a vintage or uniquely colored and textured items in your terrace and make it look appealing. You will notice that the terrace will become a gallery of display for your creativity.

Your terrace is not directly a part of your house so, whatever room leads up to the terrace does not have to be a part of the house and can have a unique sense of style and admiration.

4. Great Place to Grow Food Items

If you do not want to add color or extra money in your terrace, you can simply make a small garden on your terrace and benefit from it. You can add fruits and vegetables and grow them on the terrace and enjoy benefiting from them. Not only will you be saving money from the produce you get but also have a great hobby to adopt. Gardening will make you conscious of everything going on in the house and let you enjoy.

5. Party Space

Your terrace can even be your party space in the summers and in the winters. It is a great place to have a barbecue party in the winter evenings or a sun tanning space in the summers. This is a space you already have and will just have to reform it.

Floor Sanding Facts

Floor Sanding Brisbane

Floor sanding refers to the practice of removing the op part of a wooden floor using abrasion. All kinds of wooden floors like timber and cork can be sanded. There are three stages of sanding, these include preparing the floor, sanding the floor and finally sealing the sanded surface.

Sanding procedures are carried out by sanding machines. Drum sanders remove the majority of the top material. Belt sanders are usually used because these prevent the floor from becoming stained. The final stage of sanding is carried out by a machine known as a buffer or multi disc sander.

Preparing the floor for sanding

The first step always involves preparing the floor for sanding. Preparation involves

  • Punching down all the protruding nails. Nails can damage the sanding machine so these should be kept out of the way as much as possible
  • All kinds of staples and stacks are removed
  • Any adhesives which has been used needs to be removed as well

Finally when the floor is prepared for sanding. Coarse grit papers are used to remove all the old coating and to make the floor as flat as possible.

Sanding outcomes

Sometimes sanding can expose the warm eaten interior of the wooden floor. It would need to be treated immediately to prevent further rotting. Sanding a floor involves removing the material and sometimes there is a limit to how much of the wood can be sanded. When the staining is completed the floor is checked for color discrepancies which re addressed and a uniformed sanded floor is observed. The floor is then sealed using special sealants.

Polishing sanded floors

The first coast of sealant is known as the base coat. It seals the floor and prepares it for the final touches of finishing sealant. The coating process takes about a day or two to dry completely. Though the floors dry up pretty quick it would take around a week to harden properly. Therefore

  • Avoid walking the floor barefoot at least eight hours after the final protectant seal is applied
  • Avoid wearing shoes on the floor as it might leave dirt or deposits. Similarly avoid wearing fluffy socks which might leave any residue on the floor.
  • You can use light furniture and pace it after two or three days. But make sure to avid dragging the furniture over the newly sealed floor as it might leave permanent marks.
  • Also avoid placing any rugs on the floor as they might cause patterns to be left on the floor or stain the color onto the floor.

Sanded floors need to be maintained on a regular basis to have them looking as good as new. The floor should be dusted with a microfiber mop. Care should be taken not to use cleaning materials which leave a residue on the floor. Make sure to clean the floors with a special wooden floor cleaner on a weekly basis. Avoid wet mopping the wooden floor on a regular basis.

If you are looking for floor sanding services in Gympie or Sunshine Coast make sure you contact the professionals in the industry.

The Best Pergola Builders

How to choose the best pergola builders?

People love to stay outdoors, even if they are in their own house.  They want to relax and chat with their friends or the other family members.  Most often, they stay on the porch and if they have big garden, option to build a pergola is always thought of.  It adds beauty to the garden and the more that you would want to stay, even late at night.

What is a pergola?

Pergola is often a garden structure that serves as shelter from the heat of the sun, while you are in your garden.  It is supported by vertical posts with cross beams at the top that serves as the roofing.  Often times, it is uncovered, but, some people line it with crawling plants.

What are the advantages of having a pergola with your home?

  1. Pergola is a multi-purpose structure. While they stand in your back yard, they can be used as a shelter from the sun and rain.  You can also entertain friend and visitors there.  You can convert it into external dining area.
  2. Sometimes you don’t want to be seen, while enjoying your coffee with your hubby.  You wouldn’t want passersby to glance at you and in this kind of situation; you can use drips or screens in one side to cover it.
  3. It will give you more space to hang your plants. Most often, housewives love to hang ornaments in the garden and even orchid, they love to hang it in the garden.  With the presence of a pergola, it is an additional hanging area for your small plants.
  4. Of course, they add value to your homes. Experts recognised that pergolas add value to your life.
  5. It can be installed easily and can be combined to other structure, or stay as an independent structure in your garden.
  6. And it can be made with any materials, making it not so expensive and easy to design.

Can we purchase pergola anywhere in Australia?

Pergola is well known in Australia, as most people in the country have big gardens and backyards.  It is because Australia is sparsely populated and they have huge land areas.  With this in mind, businesses are putting up shops to maximize the demand of pergolas.

There are pergola kits that let you do it on your own.  It’s like a DIY thing.  The downside of this is you did not make your own design.  The design may not fit to your requirements.  The best thing to do, if you want to have a pergola in your backyard is to bring an artist to make a design for you, based on the dimension and size of your backyard.

One way is to look for referrals from friend and neighbors.  They may be able o point to you, the best pergola builders in the neighborhood.  Once you have made contact with them, bring them to your backyard and show them the exact location, where you want your pergola built.  Ask for suggestions and don’t forget to bargain for the best value added deals.