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Floor sanding refers to the practice of removing the op part of a wooden floor using abrasion. All kinds of wooden floors like timber and cork can be sanded. There are three stages of sanding, these include preparing the floor, sanding the floor and finally sealing the sanded surface.

Sanding procedures are carried out by sanding machines. Drum sanders remove the majority of the top material. Belt sanders are usually used because these prevent the floor from becoming stained. The final stage of sanding is carried out by a machine known as a buffer or multi disc sander.

Preparing the floor for sanding

The first step always involves preparing the floor for sanding. Preparation involves

  • Punching down all the protruding nails. Nails can damage the sanding machine so these should be kept out of the way as much as possible
  • All kinds of staples and stacks are removed
  • Any adhesives which has been used needs to be removed as well

Finally when the floor is prepared for sanding. Coarse grit papers are used to remove all the old coating and to make the floor as flat as possible.

Sanding outcomes

Sometimes sanding can expose the warm eaten interior of the wooden floor. It would need to be treated immediately to prevent further rotting. Sanding a floor involves removing the material and sometimes there is a limit to how much of the wood can be sanded. When the staining is completed the floor is checked for color discrepancies which re addressed and a uniformed sanded floor is observed. The floor is then sealed using special sealants.

Polishing sanded floors

The first coast of sealant is known as the base coat. It seals the floor and prepares it for the final touches of finishing sealant. The coating process takes about a day or two to dry completely. Though the floors dry up pretty quick it would take around a week to harden properly. Therefore

  • Avoid walking the floor barefoot at least eight hours after the final protectant seal is applied
  • Avoid wearing shoes on the floor as it might leave dirt or deposits. Similarly avoid wearing fluffy socks which might leave any residue on the floor.
  • You can use light furniture and pace it after two or three days. But make sure to avid dragging the furniture over the newly sealed floor as it might leave permanent marks.
  • Also avoid placing any rugs on the floor as they might cause patterns to be left on the floor or stain the color onto the floor.

Sanded floors need to be maintained on a regular basis to have them looking as good as new. The floor should be dusted with a microfiber mop. Care should be taken not to use cleaning materials which leave a residue on the floor. Make sure to clean the floors with a special wooden floor cleaner on a weekly basis. Avoid wet mopping the wooden floor on a regular basis.

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