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Information on Solar Power

Energy from the sun is transmitted to earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The radiation is absorbed by solar panels. Once absorbed it reacts with the free electrons in the solar power cells and a chemical reaction occurs. The panels are made up of layers of material which have a different atomic structure, which forces the electrons to move in one direction. This creates a direct current which flows into an inverter. The inverter then changes it to alternating current which is then used in your home or offices.

Solar energy is renewable. Other sources of energy like coal and petroleum are not renewable, plus they cost a great deal of money whereas sun light is completely free of cost. There are also no harmful byproducts when solar energy is being produced, whereas burning of coal ad petrol releases harmful chemical into the atmosphere.

Solar panels are being supplied by a number of manufacturers in Gold Coast. If you are thinking about installing solar panels in your home, you need to know whether you are simply looking to reduce the utility bills or going green. Different systems of solar panels are available which fulfil different energy needs and usage. If you can’t actually afford to make a onetime payment there are also leasing options available. The monthly payments are really low and within budget for just about everyone.

What size solar system would you require?

The first question which people installing solar panels ask is what kind of system they would require. However, it actually depends upon the amount of energy you would be using. Two homes of the same size may have different energy requirements.

It is advisable that a solar panel system should be slightly oversized to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Whenever the system produces unused electricity it is fed back into the electricity grid and is credited back into your utility account.

The amount of solar energy produced depends upon the amount of solar energy received by the solar panels. An optimally located solar system would receive most of the sun’s rays. However, the size of the system would actually determine how much energy is produced with the best solar panels Gold Coast.

Why solar powered energy is better?

Fossil fuels have been used for a long time to produce energy. Our dependency on these fuels date back to a very long time. As a result the fossil fuel supplies are depleting. However, there is an alternative and best of all it’s a never ending supply of energy. Solar power is renewable and one which won’t be depleting any time sooner.

Burning fossil fuels can also result in pollution. The pollution is on the rise and in order to combat it we should aim at going green. This means making less use of fossil fuels and increasing our dependency on solar energy.