Safety Tips for Outdoor Marquee Usage

Various factors affect the usage of marquees during outdoor activities. It is therefore important to ensure safety whenever having such kinds of activities. Safety is paramount on every occasion because minus it, the essence of the outdoor activity shall not be fulfilled. While considering having one such activity, it is therefore important to ensure the safety of your involved parties is guaranteed. The safety tips below will help you in achieving this.


Tip 1. Structural Measures

This is considered one of the most important safety measures to take whenever setting up an outdoor marquee. There have been ugly incidences where marquees have collapsed on the people while events are going on. In such cases, some people end up being injured, and on most of these occasions, the events end up being suspended.

How the structure was set up will matter when it comes to safety. Negligence of this factor will either leave you counting losses or treating injuries. It is a major safety tip. Always pay attention to every detail of your structure.


Tip 2. Weather Awareness

This is perhaps the second most important tip to put into consideration when it comes to safety. Outdoor marquees are never that strong, especially to endure adverse weather conditions like hailstorms. You can never be too secure under a marquee.

Therefore, it is always advisable to carefully scrutinise the weather of your area so that you can correctly determine how firm and strong your marquee needs to be. In most cases, the weather does the greatest damage when it comes to outdoor events. It will not just disrupt your occasion but also stop it and even bring you much loss.


Tip 3. The Location of Set Up

Location definitely matters when it comes to safety in setting up an outdoor marquee. Think of the terrain of your ground as well as the surrounding environment. For maximum safety, the location should be well analysed and certified safe for having an outdoor marquee.

It should not be near escapements where the marquee can easily slip. It should neither be in a very windy open ground where it is likely to be blown away anytime. If possible, it should also have trees as shades in case of very hot sunshine or even heavy rainfall.


Tip 4. Anchorage

When it comes to anchorage, the depth of the support system must be put into consideration. This also determines how stable a marquee is and that consequently implores the level of safety. The pegs must be appropriately driven to the ground at a 45-degree angle to offer the best support for the vertical anchors. This is a major backbone of safety, especially in very windy and rainy environments. If the anchorage system is not well taken care of, even soft winds can easily blow the marquee away.


Tip 5. Local Authority permits

It is always safe to ensure the relevant authorities are aware of any function you would be hosting. This helps to beef up your security. Organising an event that would disrupt the community may require the authorisation of the local council. This is very important, especially when erecting marquees on public grounds since it may be against the law or the plan of that authority.

In a state where authorities pay attention to everything the community engages in like Australia, it is important and safe to alert your local council. Ignorance can cost you much more than you would be willing to pay. Avoid getting into ugly incidences with the local authorities by always following the right path.


Bob Stevens

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