What to Consider When Buying House and Land

Excited to buy a house and land in Hervey Bay? Who would not? Hervey Bay is a coastal city located in southern Queensland known for its interesting and exciting activities like humpback whale watching, snorkeling, diving and a lot of other water sports activities, thus buying house and land Hervey Bay is not only limited giving your family a great place to escape the city during the weekend but also a good investment as you can have it rented by vacationers or sell it a higher amount in the future.

Considerations when buying House and Land Hervey Bay

Do not get too excited though, you should not rush buying house and land in Hervey Bay. There are a lot of options available for you so best to consider the factors below before you finally seal a deal with a contractor or a sales agent.

• Location

Location is an important factor to consider when buying house and land anywhere in Australia. When choosing the location, ask yourself the following:

• Neighbourhood

Are you comfortable with the atmosphere where your house is built? How do you see your future neighbours?

• Safety of the area

How’s the security within the neighbourhood? Are there previous reports of robbery or other crimes?

• Accessibility

Is the location accessible to school, public market, malls, tourist destinations and the like? Are there available public transportation?

• Price

If expensive, does the price justify the size, the location and the structure of the house? Always remember that not all expensive is worth its price. If you see a house and land a lot cheaper than what it is supposedly cost, then make sure you inquire and buy it if possible.

• Size of the house and land Hervey Bay

Sizes of houses and land in Hervey Bay differ, so you have the upper hand choosing which one is best suitable for you. To assess the size that fits you, consider the following:

• Size of the family

The size of your family can give you an idea of the size of the house you need. Consider the number of rooms, size of the dining and receiving area and anything else that needs to consider making sure every member of the family can live comfortably in the house.

• The contractor

Choosing the contractor can make or break your house purchase. To choose, start with the following:

• Credentials and trust ratings

What is the contractor’s trust ratings from their subcontractors and clients? How well they perform in the industry of house buildings? Are they highly recommended by professional real estate agents?

• Previous work

If you have time to spare it is highly recommended that you tour around houses and lands the same contractor established. This can give you an idea whether or not they can reach your expectations and standards.

• Speak to their previous clients

It is best if you conduct surveys from their most previous customers. Does the contractor follow timelines and contract agreement? How does the contractor handle complaints, if there are any?

Now that you have good factors to consider buying a house and land in Hervey Bay, you can start shopping and investing to one.

Bob Stevens

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