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Bond Cleaning Results

Whether you call it bond cleaning or vacate cleaning, refers to the end of lease cleaning which all renters have to get done before moving out. It is normally a legal requirement which each tenant must fulfil. After fulfilling this responsibility you would be retuned your bond money paid at the time of signing the lease.

The major aim of the bond cleaning is to restore the property back to its original condition. The estate agent has a list of the initial condition of the property through which they will judge the home or damages to the property. If the agent feels there is any lacking in the condition of the property, they can stop you from getting your bond money back.

The bond process

When the lease starts, the estate agent would lodge your bond. The bond is equivalent to four week rent. It will remain in trust till the end of your lease. Once you have completed all the formalities which also includes bond cleaning, you would be returned the amount.

  • At the start of the tenancy, an initial condition report is documented. This report consist of the state of the property before you actually moved in. It has all the details of each room separately written down. It is expected that you leave the property in the same condition it was before aside from a bit of wear and tear.
  • When the end of lease is approaching it is expected that you make repairs to all the damages which occurred while you were occupying the property.
  • You are also expected to carry out the vacate cleaning
  • Once it is done the estate agent would examine the property and check for any damages by taking a look at the initial report.
  • If everything is in the right order your bond money would be refunded.

If you want to ensure that you are returned the bond money you would need to make sure that any damage to the property should be rectified before moving out. However, there are certain instances where you won’t be liable for being charged a fine. Those come under fair wear and tear. Instances of fair wear and tear include

  • Frayed cords on a curtain or faded curtains
  • Indentions caused by the furniture on the carpet
  • Scuffed wooden floors. It is obvious that if the floors are being walked upon they are bound to become scuffed
  • Paint which becomes chipped and cracked. Though if you have young children who may write on the walls, it’s essential to carry out a wall cleaning process.
  • Hinges on windows which might become lose over time. The same goes for lose door handles as well. These are things which are bound to wear as time passes.
  • Any leaks or stains causes by leaking or draining pipes. This is something which should be maintained by the land lord and wouldn’t reflect on you.


When is Tree Removal a Necessity

Trees are an essential part of our garden and outdoor space. It makes the place look beautiful.  Tree in full bloom can be a sight for sore eyes. However, there are times when the very same tress which provided you shade starts losing its greenery and becomes damaged.

The damaged tree can sometimes cause damage to surrounding trees as well. This is why it’s important to call in a tree removal service. Sometimes parting from a tree which is so old and dear can be a difficult decision. However, you also need to assess when the tree might cause any harm to your property in one way or the other.

Any tree which is either dead or on the verge of dying should be removed immediately.

Reasons for tree removal

  • The tree is dead. You can see an obvious sign of decay.
  • If the trunk of the tree is showing signs of rot. Also note whether the top branches of the tree are turning darker or falling off.
  • Sometimes trees might get damaged during a storm. If there is little damage the tree could still be saved with a bit of pruning. You might need to consult an arborist for it.
  • A tree could be growing too close to your home or its roots might be encroaching your home. It could also be growing near the barn or utility lines and structures.
  • The tree could be leaning at a dangerous angle and could cause ham to your home, garden, seating area or the children’s play area. At times the leaning is not so obvious but it’s important that even a slight tilt should be examined. A professional arbors could help determine whether the tree needs to be removed or not.
  • If there is too much foliage falling on the ground. This could be anything from flowers of needles falling off a pine tree. Ripe fruits littering up the garden.
  • The tree could be blocking your view or is inhibiting other plants from growing.
  • You need to make changes in the landscape and therefore its necessary to remove the tree because you want to add or subtract a few features.

Often a small crack or a minor rot are no reasons for removing a tree but instead of deciding that on your own you could employ the services of a professional arborist. An arborist can help provide remedies which can actually help save the trees.

In case your tree does need to be removed, it’s a good idea to get it done professionally. Tree care professionals in Sutherland shire can provide the right advice and also the correct method for removing a tree. They have the right knowledge and understanding regarding different tree species. They know safe and effective methods of tree removal. They can help avoid any risky or unwanted situations by using the right equipment to remove trees. Plus they also know ways in which they can remove deep rooted trees.

House Inspections Melbourne

How can a Home Inspection help?

Thinking about purchasing a home? If yes, it’s a good idea to get your home examined by a professional home inspector in Melbourne. Once you find a satisfactory inspection you can go ahead with the purchase of a particular property. Also an unfavourable inspection could either mean that the seller makes the necessary repair or you could simply volunteer to make the repairs if the seller reduces the value of the property.

Getting a home inspection done can prove to be a valuable tool because it would provide you with the necessary information regarding the property you are interested in buying. After all it could be your potential new home and any information regarding it can come in handy. It would help you decide the number of amends or future repairs you would like to make.

Based on the findings by the inspector you would be able to make an informed decision whether you want to buy the property or not. The inspector would simply provide you with an unbiased view and the last decision is actually yours.

In order to make sure that the inspection is successful make sure you are present there along with the property inspector. They would take you on a tour of the building and point out any problems which they might foresee in the near future. They would also make the suggestions to ensure that amends are carried out properly.

The inspection can last anywhere from two to four hours. It depends upon the size of the property which is being inspected. Most people think they might get bored during the inspection but despite that your presence would make a whole lot of difference to the decision which you would eventually make.

Though the inspector can’t exactly tell you how much the repairs would cost they could let you know whether the repairs would be big or small.

A typical house inspection in Melbourne can cost anywhere from $300 to $500. The cost depends upon the size and the condition of the house. If it’s a property which is more than a decade old or a vintage building the costs might tend to go up because these require a more thorough inspection.  If you are buying a property in an area with extreme weather conditions you need to make sure that the home is hurricane ready or if the building has foundations strong enough to stand natural disasters.

Before you hire an inspector make sure to ask the following

  • When looking for a building inspector make sure to ask your real estate agent for a few names
  • You should then make sure to do your research and have a look at their website to get an idea of how they actually work.
  • Ask them about their experience
  • Do they have a license and an insurance to carry out the inspection
  • Also ask them how long they would take to write the report. Most inspectors would be able to provide you with a report in the forty eight hours following the inspection.

For home inspections in Melbourne, make sure you contact a registered inspector.